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Sensible Soccer is born again



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Yoda Soccer is a free, open source remake of the classic 'Sensible World of Soccer', one of the best and simplest soccer games of all time, and which first came out in 1994.

The gameplay is very simple and lets you enjoy the magic of soccer with just one button (and of course the directional arrows). With this button, and depending on the time you spend pressing it, you can both pass and shoot the ball. Additionally, if you press one of the directional arrows at just the right time, you can apply effects.

Yoda Soccer, owing to the fact that it is open source and free, doesn't have any of the official licenses to use individual players or teams, so all names have been replaced. Luckily, through the game's official website you can find a patch that will fix all that, adding club emblems, player names, teams, etc.

The best of all is that Yoda Soccer comes with a bunch of different teams and competitions. You can play for the World Cup with any national team, or opt for the English League or a Spanish Cup; one-player or against a friend.

Yoda Soccer is an outstanding soccer game from all angles. Basically, it takes one of the best sports games from the 90s and adapts it to new operating systems, adding different game modes and features along the way.
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